Welcome to a New Year of Learning

We’re off to a new start–a new year with lots of opportunities to open up new possibilities for your life and learning. It’s going to be a terrific time for exploring all kinds of new ideas, developing new skills, and deepening understandings.

A lot of having a good year connects to how you feel and the way you think about what you are experiencing.  You can do some simple and specific things to help yourself have a good year by learning more of how to become aware of what you are thinking and feeling. What you frequently draw your attention to builds those areas in your brain so that they become stronger. Check out this short film that demonstrates how by repeating patterns of thought, you make it easier for your brain to think and feel in that same way. You are essentially teaching your brain how to think and feel by what you spend your time thinking about. You’re in charge of your brain! We’re going to try various learning tools through the year that can help you see some terrific things you can try to help you see how you can keep yourself moving in a direction that enables to you to learn and grow in a way that is satisfying and helps you bring yourself an on-going sense of general contentment.

There are so many fascinating topics and areas to explore in humanities. I’m looking forward to learning more of who you are and your interests and perspectives, and to seeing the variety of ways you will define and develop your thoughts during class this year. Welcome to the class!


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