How to Submit Your Writing to Beginnings and No Ends

Now that you’ve finished your short story, I hope you will consider submitting it to the school’s literary magazine, Beginnings and No Ends. Once on the site, go to the Submissions Guideline tab, and check out the directions. You can also explore there a variety of resources for coming up with ideas about what to write, can listen to authors, see writers and artist blog posts, find out about other places to publish and more.

If you want the quick directions, here they are, but please be sure to proofread your piece carefully before submitting it so that you have the best possibility of getting your piece published. You may want to look over the comments that I gave you on your story before submitting, and revised one more time. Also, I’m happy to meet with you to help you proofread or can conference with you, and am available after school on Mondays if it’s difficult to get enough time to meet during class. I hope you will allow a wider opportunity to read your work after the effort you have put into your stories.

TO SUBMIT WRITTEN WORK VIA EMAIL: and attach your piece as a Google Doc. In the subject line write: BANE SUBMISSION and your first and last name and grade level (i.e. BANE SUBMISSION Jane Smith Grade 6)

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