Why Write?

I hope that as you explore your thought about your reading this year, as you write poems, stories and essays, and as you explore ideas during the class’s independent writing time that you will discover writing as gift to yourself in helping you explore more and more who you are on the inside, and that through your writing, you will find your voice and the story you want to give to the world.

The poet, Jane Hirshfield in “Why I Write: Jane Hirshfield Writes about Life’s Profound Mystery”, writes:

“Why do I write?

I write because to write a new sentence, let alone a new poem, is to cross the threshold into both a larger existence and a profound mystery. A thought was not there, then it is. An image, a story, an idea about what it is to be human, did not exist, then it does. With every new poem, an emotion new to the heart, to the world, speaks itself into being. Any new metaphor is a telescope, a canoe in rapids, an MRI machine. And like that MRI machine, sometimes its looking is accompanied by an awful banging. To write can be frightening as well as magnetic. You don’t know what will happen when you throw open your windows and doors.”


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