Elements of Adventure
Characteristics of adventure stories
a simple description of adventure story qualities

Writing your own adventure story

Elements of Fantasy
A poster reviewing the basic elements of the fantasy genre

Elements of Historical Fiction

Description of historical fiction characteristics

Elements of Horror
Horror qualities
Additional horror qualities

Poster with mystery elements
Mystery graphic organizer
Detective Case Report
Suspect List
Terms to be familiar with when writing or reading a mystery story
Tool for helping you write a mystery story 

Structuring the story by using a great opening sentence, developing characters and creating suspense for your mystery–advice from mystery writer, Jean Lowry Nixon
Tips for mystery writing
Mystery recipes  some ingredients for you but you write the story
More recipes with just a few ingredients to get you going 

Mystery Cube

Elements of Realistic Fiction
Elements of realistic fiction poster
and a more in depth look at its characteristics with a slide show
Chart for realistic fiction to help you explore its elements

Characteristics of Romance stories

A simple description of romance story qualities

Science Fiction

Characteristics of science fiction
Elements of science fiction, a simple list of elements in a poster
Definition of science fiction
Questions to consider while reading science fiction

Characteristics of Various Genres
Character Profilea questionare to help you develop your characters

Interactive Story map to help you write a story

Tips for writing a story from author Corey Green

Writing an analysis of literature, basic structure guide


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