About the Author

Want to learn about your book’s author? Look here.

Author’s birthdays by month: look here for Scholastic author site, or here at Through the Looking Glass for young people’s authors,  or  here at the School Library site for additional authors, or at Kids Library Point. Literary figures birthdays by month is listed here.

Want to learn about famous authors? Look here for Famous Authors page. Look here for young people’s authors. Look here for the Writer’s Almanac

Preparing your section of the Author Calendar
1. Author’s name, and a photo or image of him/her
2. When the author was born and where he/she lives now
3. What books/works of writing the author has written.
4. A line or two, or even a short paragraph from the author’s work that you really like. Say the book it’s from.
5. What the author is known for or has done, interesting fact about the author.

The bulletin board can include student authors as well.

Put your information in the calendar square on the bulletin board in the outside hallway.

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