Independent Vocabulary Work:

Each quarter you will be responsible to search for a word of your own in your that you either do not know or would like to become more familiar with. Every day 2 you will turn in your independent vocabulary activity. The work varies each quarter.

Links of use:

Quarter 1: Vocabulary Squares Blank Form, and as a Google document.

Quarter 2: Linear Array Directions Linear Array PDF  Directions Linear Array Word. Vocabulary Linear Array Blank form in Word. Vocabulary Linear Array  Blank form as a PDF.
USE THIS FORM form homework: Vocabulary Linear Array

Quarter 3:  Personified Vocabulary Directions
Personified Vocabulary Template

or use this link for a different option
Learn how to use synonym, antonym, context clues here.
Practice context clues here.

Quarter 4:  SAT vocabulary app, Tyrannosaurus prep, also your choice of the above options or one of these two new options: Word Storm in Word and as a Google Doc. Cartoon vocabulary.

Class Vocabulary Study:

1. Class vocabulary list: We will gather these words together through the year and they will come from the reading we are doing together.

2. Word histories and word roots. We will work together on exploring word histories and parts of words usin this 30-15-10 prefixes roots suffixes document with commonly used prefixes, root words, and suffixes.

3. We will also use a list of words commonly found in academic settings on SAT tests, and we will practice using context clues to help us find the meaning of the word and how it is used.

You may be periodically assessed on these words.

Quarter 1: Word histories and how English language changes.

Quarter 2:  Prefixes and academic vocabulary

Quarter 3: Word Roots and academic vocabulary

Quarter 4: Suffixes and academic vocabulary

Vocabulary Bee
At the end of the school year, we may have a vocabulary bee using the vocabulary we learned together during the year.

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