Grammar & Spelling


In Google Drive you will make a grammar & conventions folder where you will be keeping a record of grammar and conventions rules and spelling words that you are learning and want to remember as you write and revise formal writing pieces.

On that document you will write the grammar rule you want to remember and an example of the rule using a corrected sentence from your own writing, a sentence that was originally an error but now you have corrected it, showing how to follow the grammar rule.

You can refer to this grammar & conventions rule document each time you turn in a formal piece of writing. It is a way to help you review and remember the grammar rule you are practicing.


You will keep a running list of words that you feel you have difficulty remembering correctly and that you want to be sure to check for before turning in a formal writing piece. You will simply list the word spelled correctly under a section you will title “Spelling” on your grammar and spelling page on your blog.


This is the link to the corrections template to use on your Google Drive Grammar and Conventions folder. Copy and paste it into your folder.

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