Guidelines for Sustained Silent Reading

Purpose of Reading Time: A structured session so you make reading a habit so you gain stamina as a reader, can try out new books and genres, and are encouraged as a reader as you move down further down the path of a life-long reader.

Reading Time May Also Include:

  • Time for you to view book trailers or listen to book recommendations by other students, the teacher, or the librarian.
  • Conversations amongst teacher and classmates, reflecting on the books you or others are reading.
  • Listen to read-alouds of favorite passages from books classmates are reading.
  • Time to update your reading log with book titles, dates, & pages read.
  • Conference time with teacher about books you are reading. The teacher may:
    • help you select reading  books at your level
    • review your written reading reflections with you

What You Do:

  1. Read for the entire allotted reading period. (You cannot do homework or read any material for another course.)
  2. You must read a book (no magazines or newspapers,) preferably one that tells a story (e.g. novels, histories and biographies rather than books of lists or facts where readers can’t sustain attention, build up speed and fluency, or grow to love good stories.)
  3. You must have a book in your possession when silent reading times starts.
  4. You may not talk or disturb the others.
  5. You may sit or recline wherever you like as long as feet don’t go up on the furniture and you follow rule #4.
  6. Please don’t ask to leave the room at this time. It disturbs others.

What the Teacher Does:

  1. Organizes book talks, book trailers, and read aloud segments for reading day.
  2. Organizes and maintains your reading records.
  3. Maintains an observation checklist for reading times.
  4. Helps suggest books for you to read.
  5. Talks with you about your reflections on your reading and your reading goals.
  6. Organizes the classroom library and helps sets up genre focus and activities for each quarter.


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