Current Event Write-Ups and Press Conferences

Press Conference

At various points through the year you will be speaking to the class about what you have read in the news, giving you the opportunity to expand your public speaking skills.


Press conference rubric

Requirements for Current Events Work:

Find a news article that is somehow related to Asia.  The article must be from sometime in the last 6 months, and it must be at least 4 paragraphs long.

Documents to help you do your current event write-ups:

Margin Markers

Margin Markers with explanations of what they are and options of how to use them 

Tips on How to Summarize a News Article

Directions for each current event write-up:

Current Event #1 connected to the two branches or five themes of geography: Current Event Write-up 

Current Event #2 connected to government types–the political world:
Current event write-up 2 governments

Current Event #3 connected to economics:
Current event write-up 4 economics

Current Event #4 connected to world religions:
Current event write-up world religions

Current Event #5 connected to natural resources:
Current event write-up about environment


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