Writing Dialogue & Monologue

  1. How to Write Dialogue
  2. Monologue poem
  3. How to Write a Monologue
  4. Poems From Painting
  5. Writing Flash Fiction. Flash fiction must contain a complete story — a beginning, a middle and an end. It can be in any genre. It may — or may not — have a twist in the end. It does the things a story does in a normal plot arc, but it’s much shorter. (Think around 400 to 500 words more or less.) You write sparely, but the story isn’t a fragment. Choose words carefully to show your idea.  Further suggestions here. Some examples of flash fiction written by students. Further examples2, and 3.


3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences.
4. Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization and style are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.
5. Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting or trying a new approach.


1. Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
3. Apply knowledge of language to understand how language functions in different contexts, to make effective choices for meaning or style, and to comprehend more fully when reading or listening.

Examples of Paintings Paired With Writing Pieces:











Meeting Rabbit

I met the bunny
His eyes were small and beady
He wore a blue suit
I followed him to the room across the hall
He looked back with a frown on his face
His walk was more like a slouch more like a waddle
He took the coiled path and down he went.
We ended in a pink space, with only one light
He paused as if awaiting an answer, an instruction, an order
The smell of metal filled the room
I heard chains cling together violently
Suddenly the world stood still in silence like water awaiting to be disturbed

–Dana T.












Lonely Penguin

Nature gave me loneliness
Leaving me behind
Breaking the ice
Separating me from the others
With only my eggs in my arms
Though they aren’t born yet
Their presence supports me

Water as dark as the night sky
Not able to see what’s coming
The deep water’s silence
The cracking ice
Through the land it echoes
Frightens me
The wave’s noise
The emptiness of this place
Only white and blue I can see
But nothing else than
The endless icy land

–Ugo G.








Rolling down the hill, the penguins screamed in fear. Not because they were in the middle of the Sahara desert, but because they were being chased by humans. Deadly humans. As they reached another hill, Bob shouted out to his two friends Whistle and Cry.

“How are we going to loose them? Should we get onto our hover boards?” He shouted as he took out his hover board. The two others followed his example and soon they were zipping with the sand blowing in their faces. Suddenly Whistle wasn’t with them.

” Where are you Whistle,” shouted Bob and Cry together as they headed back a kilometre. Suddenly they see a black and white body hiding in the sand. They heave him out and are heading away from their pursuers again. Suddenly they are in another setting, their home land the Antarctic. The year 4037 is becoming very futuristic with the transporting, hover boards, and the other futuristic technology they didn’t have back in the 1900s. They fall to the ground, as they always do after transporting from places.

“Yes, we lost them, it will take them a few minutes to figure out where we have come, quick gather your stuff, we have to run, or they’ll be on us in a couple of minutes.” Whistle, the technology expert, yells through the wind at the others. Just as they start running and are a few meters away, a rip in space appears before the humans are in them again.

Backing up to tell you readers the story before whatever is happening right now is that, they are the special penguin service, they appear and help out wherever they are needed and just now they have killed a head of a large criminal organisation known as the Evil Secret Society or the ESS for short.

Back to the present the humans started chasing them again. The three penguins start running again and soon they are at their base, they know they have bought themselves sometime. Bob assumes a straight standing position. He has a calm expression on his face. He feels isolated from everyone and slowly he begins to change from an animal into an iceberg.

His friends follow his example and become icebergs too. The humans come, but find nobody. They are turning around ready to go back to their base when they see, all, but three icebergs melting. As soon as that, they know where the penguins are.











Cold Ocean

The blue water drifts towards the shore,
dragging the warm sand into it’s arms,
grain by grain.
Slowly rocking back and forth,
playing with it’s friends.
Pulling them to the bottom of the ocean,
to the animals seeking from inside of their houses.
But when it’s angry,
it rages thunder,
drowns people,
drowns their houses,
and sinks that place.
Be careful,
the earth is filled with water,
enough water to drown everything and everyone.

There are two different rival kingdoms.
Just like the whale,
That went to fight,
That broke its fin.
Now it’s tired.
Upside down, floating.
The war was dirty and bad,
Filled with filthy blood
But both kingdoms fell,
it’s sad, cold,
And it’s just like the moon,
Which is actually dark
But the sun shines on it, and makes it look bright.
Just like the whale,
It’s pretending to be fine,
But it’s actually dying.












Writing Response:

“Today started off as a regular day, I grabbed my hat, and went out for my daily swim. Then suddenly, a sea lion comes out of nowhere, rips off my fins in rage, steals my hat and swims off. After all this you may be surprised i’m smiling, that’s because he couldn’t find my wallet, he searched for a while, he got so ticked off, it was hilarious. He still couldn’t find it, I thankfully accidentally left my wallet on my dresser at home. Unfortunately, now I can’t swim in a normal way, but I’ve discovered that by turning myself upside down, I can somehow manage to go forward inch by inch. Fortunately, I didn’t get to go very far before I was assaulted, so it will only take about thirty-seven hour to get home. Once I get home, I think I’ll call the police and they’ll be on the robbers trail in no time. The police here are amazing, they can track anyone anytime, plus they get to where super cool outfits. I know I kind of rambling on about this but that’s just my personality, so, see ya around.”



Cupcake Catastrophe :

A cupcake

Baking in the oven
Counting down the last seconds in the oven

enjoying the last moments of it’s life, not wanting to be eaten.
Falling apart

Sprinkles and frosting on the tin waiting to be seen

The timer

Goes off signaling everyone the dessert is ready
Taken out of the oven

The smell of sweet sugar floats like clouds around a waiting child
The child smells the dessert, and quickly runs down to eat the dessert

Not knowing what disaster that started falling apart into crumbs

Sweet pastel frosting sits on the tin
Rough frosting like a puppy’s fur spread off the top
The child stabs the cupcake with a sharp, yellow fork
Slowly scooping frosting and sprinkles inside the red cave mouth with white rocks,
The cupcake realizes that it was the end for him.













The bear watched,
Wide, unblinking eyes,
Shadows encasing it.
Its head cocked,
The whole body, smooth.
Wide, unblinking eyes,
Non threatening,
But pleading.
for something better.
The darkness
surrounds the bear’s small body
Almost expressing its hatred
Through its depth.
No light shines through
But rather an eerie glow
And The bear waits,
Waits for someone,
Or something
to embrace.