Revising Your Story

Examples of Students Stories/Sections of Stories

  2. Tips Painting with Words
  3. Verbs & Noun Revision WorkRevision
  4. Revision Techniques
  5. Revision List
  6. Revision Strategies at a Glance
  7. Revision Center Choices
  8. Re-seeing our Writing
  9. Narrative Writing Checklist for Short Fiction Story
  10. Five Key Things To Do As A Writer
  11. Short-Fiction-Narrative-Rubric 
  12. What Your Exposition Should Do
  13. Checklist for Rising Action
  14. Checklist for Climax
  15. Checklist for Resolution
  16. Original Draft vs. Revised Draft of a Scene
  17. Think in Threes graphic organizer
  18. Four Room Writing Revision Center
  19. Cutting what’s not needed from your draft
  20. Rereading for Different Lenses
  21. Transitions between scenes
  22. Rereading for Different Lenses
  23. Re-seeing our Writing
  24. Revision Center Choices
  25. Revision Strategies at a Glance
  26. Revision List
  27. Revision Techniques
  28. Verbs & Noun Revision WorkRevision
  29. Tips Painting with Words
  30. CUBING
  31. 5 Brush Strokes


  1. Writing Critique Group Process
  2. peer_review
  3. Peer Conferring Revision Questions
  4. Process Conference
  5. Self & Peer Editing Sheet
  6. Feedback Sheet
  7. Partner work
  8. Peer Editing Sheet
  9. Self Evaluation Story Draft


  1. Description list
  2. List of Emotions also, see this graphic organizer
  3. Revision Ideas (Willis)
  4. Criteria for Fiction

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