Story Copies


Useful Documents:

Lesson 1Conflict.  “The Saddest Day The Summer Had .” Notice inferences. Notice setting, foreshadowing, foil, suspense, flashback, unity, plausibility, irony. Notice how the conflict increases the suspense and builds the tension.

Lesson 2: Notice inferences. Thinking Big and Small. How does setting influence character & theme?

Lesson 3: Thinking about character (realistic fiction) & Explaining Thinking:

Lesson 4: Pushing our thoughts further (realistic fiction) & Close reading and Analytical Writing,  “The Lie

Lesson 5: Theme & symbolism.(realistic fiction) Elaborating with Evidence from the Text. “The Necklace” as a PDF. How does the author uses situational irony for dramatic effect? “The Necklace.”  Also, “The Gift of the Magi.”

Lesson 6: Point of view.  Partner read choices: ” All American Slurp” online story copy  (realistic fiction), Questions for contemplation and reflection.  “Miss Awful”, (realistic fiction)”Miss Awful” as a PDF ,

Partner Reads:

Lesson 7: Symbolism in Texts,  “Through the Tunnel,” Doris Lessing
“The Enormous Radio” (realistic fiction) challenging read. “Ventilation Door Number Twelve“, and as a PDF:” Ventilation Door Number Twelve,”  Baldolermo Lillo, “Babbett’s Feast,” Isak Dinesen.

Lesson 8: Author’s Purpose and Craft moves: noticing figurative language, tone, mood. Tone vs. mood.

Lesson 9: Analyzing Structure, unity, plausibility.

Further Genre Exploration–Author’s craft, noticing figurative language, tone


Science Fiction




Realistic Fiction

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