Persuasion & Infomercial


Topic ideas

Fallacies of Logic 

  1. Learn the blue terms on this list of fallacies
  2. Kellog’s web site, persuasion and audience 
  3. Most widely used fallacies of logic
  4. Cartoons showing fallacies of logic
  5. Game using fallacies of logic
  6. List of Fallacies of logic.
  7. Recognizing Fallacies of Logic #1, #2, #3,
  8. Logically Speaking: Truth and Fallacies: Non Sequitur, TedEd talk
  9. Videos explaining developing logic: #1, #2: broken logic, #3: straw man, #4, getting personal, #5: the gamblers fallacy, #6: precautionary tale
  11. Other links to fallacies of logic
  12. Spotting logical fallacies, spotting fallacies trivia game #2
  13. Video to teach avoiding fallacies of logic.
  14. Exercise to practice identifying fallacies of logic.

Methods for Persuasion

The Infomercial

  1. How to Invent a Product: 1,
  2. Examples of innovative products: by young people1, 2
  3. Preparing for Your Infomercial
  4. Plan Document for Your Infomercial
  5. Rubric For Your  Infomercial
  6. Checklist to help you prepare
  7. Background Info. to help you prepare for your Infomercial

Ideas for your infomercial:

Using electronic visuals in a presentation:

Making an Argument:

Three Ways to Persuade: Pathos, Ethos, Logos–from Changing Minds. org
Video link for Pathos, Ethos, Logos

Reading on Pathos, Ethos, Logos

Persuasive Speeches

A. Possible topics.

B. Skills to develop persuasion:

  1. Types of Persuasive Evidence small group activity
  2. Fact vs. opinion
  3. Understanding Reasoning, a journaling activity
  4. I Believe It group persuasive activity
  5. Practice supporting a position.
  6. Evaluating Sources
  7. Arguing Both Sides practice

C. Organizing and preparing your persuasive speech:

  1. Persuasion Map graphic organizer
  2. Persuasive Introductory Paragraph Practice
  3. Persuasion Overview and Terms
  4. Persuasion Outline for writing your speech
  5. Preparation Document for research
  6. Summary Sheet for notes

D. Checklists and Rubrics for persuasive speech

  1. Checklist for persuasion speech
  2. Reflection and practice steps as you prepare to present
  3. Personal Interest Persuasive Speech practice
  4. Peer Feedback Rubric

E. Reminders, examples, and other useful info.:

  1. Tool for identifying types of evidence
  2. Example persuasive speeches: Summer , Persuasive Essay Examples
  3. Example persuasive speeches video: girl who made the world go silent
  4. Death penalty example formal speech video

F. Other Persuasive Skills:

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